When choosing your alarm system, you can choose between a wired alarm system or a wireless alarm system. Both have their advantages and will protect your home or business. The only difference between them both is the way they are installed. Obviously, the wireless alarm system will have no unsightly wires running around your home.

Advantages to having a Wireless Alarm

  1. Having a wireless alarm is quicker and easier to install
  2. We will not have to lift up floor boards or carpet as there are no cables
  3. There will be no unsightly holes drilled into your walls
  4. Installation costs may be reduced
  5. The Keypad and Sensors can be moved if you decide to move or redecorate your house
  6. They are cost-effective and very efficient
  7. All our wireless alarms systems come with additional optional sensors and detectors
  8. They can be fitted to the exterior of commercial and domestic properties
  9. Sensors are battery powered and not dependent on your power supply
  10. Easily updated if your property is extended
  11. The control panel will alert you as soon as your batteries are running low
  12. Minimal amount of disruption to your property
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So, as you can see, having a wireless alarm system fitted is going to benefit you in many ways. Contact a member of our team if you would like to know more about this or any of our other services.