A Look at Modern Door Entry Systems

The principle behind a door entry system is rather simple. It is intended to limit entry into a specific location (such as an office complex or a home). Having said this, the technology behind such devices has come a long way in the past few years. This provides customers with more options than ever before while still being able to enjoy a superior sense of security. Let’s take a quick look at some common features associated with door entry systems before highlighting their most notable advantages.

Hikvision and Paxton are the main systems we use

hikvision intercom
paxton door entry

Applications and Features of a Door Entry System

Door entry systems can be thought of as technological supplements to a standard locking mechanism.

These networks normally consist of one or more detection devices (such as motion sensors or magnetic strips) as well as an access control centre.

This access control port can employ methods such as:

  • Standard keypad entry
  • Cameras to record video and audio feeds
  • Units designed with a car or fob reader
  • Biometric access (using physical identification features such as a fingerprint)

Each system is associated with its own set of benefits and the supplier will also base his or her recommendations off of the budget of the client in question.

door entry systems 2

The Benefits of Modern Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems are excellent methods to proactively monitor and/or restrict those who may wish to access a specific area. They can also be used in conjunction with other devices such as CCTV cameras and wired motion sensors.

Door entry alarm systems are highly reliable and many of the newer models can be connected to a smartphone; providing the customer with instantaneous alerts in the event that an unauthorised entry has been detected. In terms of front-line security, these systems aim to please.

We have installed many access control and door entry systems on blocks of flats, offices and places of work where security is really important.