Let us help you to keep your home or business safe. Our CCTV Systems are ideal for commercial and domestic properties and can be installed within a day.

Our HD and IP CCTV cameras will not only pick up someone trying to break into your property but will also record anyone trying to vandalise it. Our cameras will be installed in a visible place, so they can be seen at all times. This will deter any unwanted visitors from breaking into your home or business.

If you already have CCTV then it may be time to upgrade your cameras. Technology changes all the time, so what you once thought was a good camera, might now be no use to you at all. We find with older cameras, that unless a person actually looks into the lens, you can’t actually make out who the person is.

Our CCTV cameras are not like this. The images on our cameras are very clear. They can be used 24 hours a day as they have day and night image technology. You can have as many cameras as you like installed around your property and can be fitted to the outside of any building.

  • Schools
  • Pubs/Clubs
  • Cafes
  • Banks
  • Offices
  • Flats/Apartments
  • Petrol Garages
  • Night Clubs
  • Houses
  • Summer Houses
  • Restaurants
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With remote CCTV viewing, you can see your home or business from any location. For this to be possible, you must have internet access.

Integrated video surveillance is ideal for any business so contact us today if you would like a free no obligation quote.

Hikvision’s new camera ColorVu allows you to see colour at night time.